Women's First Achievements Brick by Brick

This project is a work in progress. The aim of this project is to celebrate the achievements that women have made during the 19th - 21st Centuries. Women's First Achievements Brick my Brick considers the steps that women have taken to gain equality in many other areas of life all over the world. These women have become role models and, because of their achievements, women now have a access to many activities which were previously seen as the domain of men.

Having chosen a theme, the Fiona wanted to portray these achievements in a manner that would catch the attention of a wide audience. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic Lego brick. Lego is a toy that many adults will remember playing with and buying for their children and grandchildren. Lego is stereotyped as the "Lego man" rather than the Lego women so Fiona decided that I would use this project to use Lego women.

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